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Author Rae Leigh is a writing pseudonym for Rayleigh Gray, who is a freelance writer. She specializes in dramatic short stories for magazines and websites, however she is in the midst of writing her first long novel, A Queen is Knighted, which is a medieval fantasy.

Rae is a monthly columnist for Pursue Magazine, under her real name, where she encourages and inspires girls to Tap Into Their Potential by discussing topics such as dreams, struggles, goals, and passions.

Rae’s dramatic short story retelling of Snow White, Poisoned Fruit is a Terrible Way to Die, was a finalist in the January 2018 FairyTalez Best Villain Fairy Tale Competition, where she placed 3rd out of 83 entries.



In addition to her writing venture, she is the founder of Literature Approved (an advertising website for authors), an intern for Hartline Literary Agency, a college student with a major in Accounting with the goal of becoming a Forensic CPA, and a social media marketing manager for various local businesses.

When she’s not working or studying, you’d probably find her with her friends catching the latest movie release, adventuring, discovering her next favorite songs, or binge watching Grey’s Anatomy.